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Testimonials & Reviews

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Testomonee Suresh Kumar

Jocelyn Tee

4 December 2022
Dentist is professional.Good services ! Highly recommendation
Testomonee Suresh Kumar

Rebecca Chan

3 December 2022
Good service and feeling well. Dentist is professional. Good recommendation
Testomonee Suresh Kumar

Wendy HO

11 November 2022
在这里做了一副假牙,非常漂亮和合适,医生和护士都非常专业和亲切. 非常推荐
Testimonee Ming Teoh


7 March 2021
Testomonee Suresh Kumar

Grace Kai Li

6 March 2021
Testimonee Cindy Dee

Li Ting

3 March 2021
Testimonee Kim Seng Seow

Cindy Lim 

25 February 2021
Dr Chong是一位很有耐心的牙医。很斯文,很细心也很很温柔。 值得推荐。
Testimonee Dia Radiah

Bee Hua Sor

23 February 2021
Testimonee Andy Liew

Ivy Chong

22 Feb 2021
Testimonee Jim Kuoh


20 February 2021
Testimonee Ellen Gan

Denise Khor Zhini

15 February 2021
friendly counter girl and friendly dentist that provide suitable solution .
Testimonee Beelan Lim

Fadilah Dill

1 February 2021
The extractions is very skillful, not painful at all. I suggest you come here
Testimonee Suwa Lee Wei Sien

Chloe Chong

28 January 2021
Testimonee HweeLing Ong

Lu Mei Fung

18 January 2021
Testimonee Callie YeEvilie


4 January 2021
Austin的Dr.Chong很细心,也很有经验~护士们都很有耐心讲解 如何照顾牙齿 服务也很好 也很有笑容很推荐哦
Testimonee Rosemary Chung Chui Niu

Rebecca PY

19 December 2020
Good services, friendly staff and professional advice. Price is affordable, their staff is patience and able to solve all of your question
Testimonee Silvia Lim Sze Wei

Frank Cheong

8 December 2020
很好的服务!价格合理!我个人认为洗牙的时候不会痛!   谢谢C&K dental 工作人员的Team work
Testomonee Cart Zim

Liau Chzee Hao

17 September 2020
Dr. was very informative and accommodative throughout the whole adjustment treatment, give you a sense of security that you are in a good hands. The staff were very friendly and helpful. Due to extended border lockdown, I was not able to visit the clinic to get a new pair of retainers, so I had to ask for their favor to ship the new retainers to Sg, fortunately they were very kind enough to help out, really appreciate their help and effort.
Testimonee Darcy Liew

Esreen Ng

6 September 2020
Professional Dr and Friendly Nurse which makes me become their regular customer. Highly recommend if you have any problems with your teeth
Testimonee Kim Seng Seow

Gideon Chan

16 May 2020
Testimonee Veiny Hng

Janet Tiang

11 March 2020
Highly recommend!!! Had a great experience at CK dental. Dr Khor given her patience to me to allow me calm myself. She is very details and advice me all the small details that need to take note of. Great service!!!
Testimonee Joseph & Sze Hui

Jazzlyn Wong

9 January 2020
I'm very satisfied with CK DENTAL, The service is fast and efficient with the good outcome produced that I've never tried in any others dental before. I like the clean and cold embience environment here with the nice and sweet staffs working in the front line to serve the customer.
Testimonee Gek Lian Er

Angela Fay

9 January 2020
Dr.chong很细心 绑牙绑了快3年了 都舍不得脱下来了 谢谢dr.chong把我的牙齿弄得美美的
Testimonee Laura Yan


4 January 2020
服务很好 牙医也会告知牙齿状况
Testimonee Prakash

Prakash Kumar

12 August 2019
Friendly doctor , very clean and comfortable.
Testimonee Prakash

Yvonne Lim

10 August 2019
Good service, professional advice by Dr Khor
Testimonee Yong Qiang

Yong Qiang

28 July 2019
Professional advice from doctor.. Nice and friendly staff
Testimonee Kennis Wong

Kennis Wong

28 July 2019
Dr Kweh is patience & professional. Staff is friendly. The price is reasonable too. I have very bad experience before but Dr Kweh is good enough.I highly recommended
Testimonee A Qi

錒 绮ミ

27 July 2019
医生很好 也很细心讲解
Testimonee Ming Teoh

Ming Teoh 

19 June 2019
Testomonee Suresh Kumar

Suresh Kumar

1 June 2019
Visited Mutiara Rini branch. The staff are friendly and accommodating. Dr Khor is very professional and kept me calm throughout the extraction of my 2 teeth. Highly recommended
Testimonee Cindy Dee

Cindy Dee

30 May 2019
5 star. Good service
Testimonee Kim Seng Seow


25 March 2019
Good Service
Testimonee Dia Radiah

Dia Radiah

3 February 2019
Selama ni trauma btl cabut gg..dag dig dug jtung fikir psl bius...finally bru tau x pla sakit kena bius n cabut..hahhha....thanks Dr Khor ..pnya best ni Dr.gigi..peramah n very good layanan dia,cantk lagii...hehhe...thanks to Doktor & staff....yes...no more pain after this..
Testimonee Andy Liew

Andy Liew

30 January 2019
Doctor khor good service
Testimonee Jim Kuoh

Jim Kuoh

24 January 2019
Great service!!!
Testimonee Ellen Gan

Ellen Gan

21 January 2019
Testimonee Beelan Lim

Beelan Lim

18 October 2018
Testimonee Suwa Lee Wei Sien

Suwa Lee Wei Sien

7 October 2018
Doctor chong friendly and very polite, he remove my 3 wisdom teeth within 1 hr. he is gender, and professional. Although got bit feel uncomfortable during process. But it wont feel really pain.
Testimonee HweeLing Ong

HweeLing Ong

26 September 2018
Comfortable environment with patient dentist! Appreciate Dr Liew effort in cleaning my tooth. Also, she have shared knowledge regarding how to take care my tooth at home.
Testimonee Callie YeEvilie

Callie YeEvilie

4 September 2018
Testimonee Rosemary Chung Chui Niu

Rosemary Chung Chui Niu

26 July 2018
Thanks Dr Liew and 2 of the nurses... Friendly and caring team... Thank you so much!
Testimonee Silvia Lim Sze Wei

Silvia Lim Sze Wei

14 July 2018
Dr. Chong is very professional
Testomonee Cart Zim

Cart Zim

25 July 2017
I walk in to the clinic without appointmnt. To my surprise Dr. at CK Dental clinic promptly treat my son teeth. Precise n efficient. Dr recommend root canal n filling, the treatment finish after about 40minutes duration. Initially I was scared when the Dr suggest root canal. He did well. Thank you very much. Would definitely recommnd. Between this dental clinic (mpunt austin) is at ground floor. Definitely accesible for those who have knee/joint problem/wheel chair.
Testimonee Darcy Liew

Darcy Liew

12 July 2017
I just want to take a moment today to write and tell you how impressed I am with your clinic services. Your services have been extremely prompt, thorough, and polite. 
 couldn’t be happier with your professional services.Special thanks to Dr Khor whose main priority is making sure her patients are comfortable and get the best dentistry she can offer. I have visited many dentists before, she is the only one that making me feel confident and stress-free and at ease with the works to be carried out. On completion, the finish to the teeth is of a high standard of expertise and most importantly, it is pain free. This is what I never experience in other dentists’ treatments. 
After care advice conducted by Dr Chong is extremely good and helpful too. He has solved all my doubts and provide useful suggestions that help a lot in my teeth caring. 
I am very pleased with services and advises I received, I will definitely be returning with friends and family. Thank you so much again for your professional services.
Testimonee Kim Seng Seow

Kim Seng Seow

7 June 2017
Professsionalism of Dr Chong and the team has made my consultation at the clinic a rather pleasant one. Thanks again.
Testimonee Veiny Hng

Veiny Hng

6 June 2017
Testimonee Joseph & Sze Hui

Joseph & Sze Hui

10 March 2017
张牙医对小孩好有耐心, 我儿子拔牙都不哭闹了。
Testimonee Gek Lian Er

Gek Lian Er

20 October 2016
Testimonee Laura Yan

Laura Yan

17 October 2016
My wisdom tooth grew into the adjacent tooth and needed a surgery to remove it since it could not erupt. The doctor is very professional and explained everything clearly to me before the surgery. Doctor was very patient answering queries both pre-treatment and post-treatment. I made my appointment with them online and didn't wait for long when I arrived in JB. The environment is also quite neat and clean.
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